Do You Know Electronic Billing Machine Has Some Advance Features Too

Vertexcomsys private limited are well known Electronic Billing Machine Manufacturers. High quality and compatibility with all kinds of business transactions are the key features in all their products

Emergence of modern devices made us technology dependent completely. There is not a single moment when we are not using any form of technology. Every now and then new gadgets are emerging utilizing innovative technologies, and we are getting accustomed of using these gadgets. As the people have less time, so it is becoming a crying need to get everything done faster than before. Presently, the majority of people are not carrying money; instead they are carrying ATM card to purchase anything, which is why, it has become essential for every business centre, whether shopping mall or travel agency, to be equipped with the machine through which money can be taken from the card along with providing invoice instantly to the consumers. Keeping this necessity in mind, Vertex, the most leading billing machine manufacturer in India, has come up with the most advanced Electronic Billing Machine using cutting-edge technology. This Electronic Billing Machine has all the essential features necessary to make any enterprise operational perfectly. As according to the industry, billing system differs so, it is essential to make the machine universally compatible with all the industries. The very Electronic Billing Machine that vertex invented has all the essential characteristics that is required for any industrial billing systems.

To make the entire transaction related work faster and smoother, we have provided customized software with every billing machine. Along with tallying all the transaction, which carried out throughout the day, this billing machine also compares and analysis the transaction executed in the concern.

The innovative Electronic Billing Machine that vertex manufactured consists of very long battery life, bright display and most importantly all the regional language adaptability. Additionally, the billing machine is enabled to provide with item wise repot, discount provided by the shop, service tax & price override and report related to credit cards and coupons. Report also can be accessed, on the basis of customer, who has the regular transaction with the company. This billing machine has the memory to save up to 50,000 transactions and the in-build battery can provide 12 hours backup with 1000 billing operation in one shot. It is essential to get direct weighing output from the weighing machine as well as bar code scanning for any billing machine what is provided most efficiently along with data copying in Excel sheet using USB pen drive. 40 to 80 columns printout can be achieved using most advanced dot matrix printer. It is essential to protect the data from theft as the transaction date is confidential. Keeping in view the necessity of protecting data, Vertex has provided the most innovative multiple level password protection in all the Electronic Billing Machine. In this high-end Electronic Billing Machine, data can be retrieved or stored using USB pen drive. Some of the useful features, which are essential for Electronic Billing Machine, are in-build in this billing machine, viz. 2 inches thermal printer that support 40 Col/80 Col dot matrix printer, heavy-duty 48 keyboard with 32 hot keys as well as it can support external PC keyboard. Considering above features, it is worth saying Vertex provide most efficient Electronic Billing Machine in most competitive price.

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