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Do You Have a Secret That Runs Your Life? Madame Budska Can Help.

Once in a blue moon an author creates an unforgettable character. Dickens gave us Mr. Micawber. Charles Perrault created the Fairy Godmother in Cinderella. Now Saints in the Shadows gives us Madame Budska whose immense wisdom eclipses her faults.

Do you have a secret? A secret buried so deep in your psyche that you can't even remember it? And yet, it runs your life. Madame Budska can help.

Welcome to the world of Saints in the Shadows by Alana Cash, a novel that gives readers a glimpse into the world of psychology, the paranormal, spirituality, theoretical physics, and the powerful elite who run the economy, politics, education, and the media. When Madame Budska speaks, Wall Street listens. When Madame Budksa speaks, the deputy mayor is replaced. Madame Budska, however, refuses to speak to the dead.

In this coming-of-age mystery set between New Orleans, Manhattan, the dream state, and memory, the author reveals remarkable answers to complex questions pondered by all of us. A physicist turned psychic, Madame Budksa gives good advice to Maud, a transplant from New Orleans who is lost in grief over losing her father. Look until you see. Listen until you hear. And this learning helps Maud unlock her own psyche to reveal the secret that has kept her from resolving her sorrow.

Beyond revealing secrets, Saints in the Shadows guides Maud and readers through the process of loss, grief, and transformation while dabbling in provocative subjects such as religion, psychic phenomena, economics, morality, masochism, history, fashion design, and a bit of romance; creating a page-turning smoothie.

The book was inspired by a chance meeting between the author's son and a psychic working with a world-renowned television celebrity. Cash asked herself: What would very powerful people ask a psychic? And she wrote a book.

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