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Do Doctors Know What's Going On In The Bedroom?

Talking to the doctor about reproductive health is an important topic that is often avoided, but the benefits outweigh this sometimes uncomfortable conversation. Conditions such as erectile dysfunction can be recognized and treated early on.

It's a fact - physical intimacy is an important part of life. It plays a significant role in how people bond in their relationships, it can help lessen stress, improve immunity and increase self-esteem. (Not to mention it's a big factor in the ability to procreate!) An individual's love life is as important as any other aspect of their health and has a direct tie to both their physical and mental well-being. Unfortunately, this highly important subject is often overlooked as doctors review a patient's medical history and establish a relationship with them. Although it can be a touchy subject, both male and female patients should be educated on the importance of bringing awareness and communication to their reproductive health.

For many men suffering from erectile dysfunction, this sensitive subject is difficult for them to discuss with their doctors. They are often experiencing feelings of embarrassment, guilt, isolation, or confusion on why they might be experiencing these symptoms. If doctors address these topics directly and on a regular basis with their patients, signs of erectile dysfunction could be discovered and diagnosed early on, allowing for early treatment and a decrease in the impact the condition has on these men and on their relationships.

Research from the American Social Health Association shows that many general practitioners have several reasons for avoiding the topic. These reasons range from feeling a lack of training on how to approach it with patients and the possibility of offending them, to feeling pressed for time or feeling they don't have enough information on treatment options. And it's quite likely that if the doctor doesn't bring it up, the patient probably won't. This is why it is important to find a urologist who has received specialized training on how to communicate with patients and who can offer a treatment plan utilizing the latest methods available that best suit the individual patient's needs and particular circumstances.

To learn more about the symptoms of erectile dysfunction or to address other men's health issues contact Dr. Michael Kaplan, a professional and experienced urologist at (702) 454-6226 or visit his website: http://michaelskaplanmd.com.

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