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Diverse Actor Mac Arellano

The Incredible Mexican Actor Mac Arellano is a force to be reckoned with!

Some actors have a 'look' about them that makes them an easy cast for a myriad of roles, one such actor, who stars as Martinez in the upcoming sitcom The Failures on HBO Access, is Mac Arellano. With facial features that mirror a younger Kevin Spacey, Mac is an incredibly talented actor who has proven time and time again that he is more than capable of portraying almost any character in practically every genre.

In his recent performance as Paul Brennan in the stage production of The Marriage of Bette & Boo, directed by Bonnie McNeil, Mac proved his capacity for playing a disabled man, one who in this case had suffered from a stroke. Handling a character trait such as this requires delicacy and can be, for most actors, quite challenging to accomplish with believability, but not for Mac. His rendition of a father who physically struggles to speak in the face of an overbearing and uncompassionate wife was such a hit that he brought audience members to tears.

Mac shows his knack for comedy in the new series Gur Talk where he plays the starring role of Miguel. Mac is hilarious in the role of Miguel, an awkwardly funny gay nurse with major dating issues. The series, which is being produced by 4 Sisters Studios, is scheduled to be released this summer. Aside from playing starring role in the films The Hunted, The Call and Graduation, Mac also has quite an extensive theater repertoire. While living in Mexico, Mac starred in the renowned theater productions of Tastoanes, Criaturas Salavajes, Que Planton!, and others.

In Criaturas Salavajes, which is set in Mexico during the 60s, Mac plays the role of 'The Professor', a caring individual who provides support for his students during a tumultuous time of struggle. The play, which was chosen out of hundreds of other productions to be included in the prestigious VI Festival of Theater in Guadalajara, focuses on the difficulties faced by the generation of youth in the wake of changing times. Mac led the production to great success with his performance, which was talked about in all the local papers.

This incredibly talented actor is a force to be reckoned with, and one who you will be seeing a lot more of in the near future.

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