Diva Live In Tokyo During Summer Music Festival

Hip Hop entertainer Diva aka Keldamuzik performed and toured live in Tokyo, Japan for the Summer Music Festival presented and sponsored by promotion team, Swag Family Legacy.

The tour took place August 25th - August 29th, featuring artist such as J-Lie, Diva herself and headlined by R&B sensation Lloyd. The tour lasted 5 consecutive days with a full schedule of event appearances, meet and greet with fans as well as taking photos opts for the media. Sea Treasures Cafe was the first appearance during the tour, where Diva and crew showed up to take photos with fans and enjoyed an evening of the introduction to Tokyo.

The second appearance Diva made was at Esprit Beach where she performed her hit songs "Thirsty", "Queen For a Night" and "I Don't Care". Lloyd opened the show with his popular songs and warmed up the crowd for the night. Follow up performances were by J-lie and a few local artist from Japan. The beach was filled with excited girls who anticipated seeing the Diva in person. Many girls idolize Keldamuzik and took on to her Diva movement she promoted. Later that night, the after parties were going down and Kelda was in the atmosphere for more photos-opts with the media and fans. The next few days included a video shoot, as well as live interviews with local radio stations and media.

Toward the end of the Summer Music Festival Tour, Lloyd, J-Lie and Diva did a concert performance at Zepp Tokyo, which is a spacious hall that has had previous big name performers rock the house, such as rap star Nicki Minaj, Erykah Badu, reggae singer Iyaz, local pop artist Mami Sue and many more. Diva blew the fans away with her performance and unique lyrical word play. Afterwards she came down to the audience and passed out "Diva Rings" along with promotional items that fans truly adored. Later that evening fans joined the artists for the after party Swag Family presented, Vanity. That night/morning also included an impromptu performance by Diva, J-lie and Lloyd who had the crowd going crazy. Vanity has also had big names in the house previously such as Flo rida, Lil Jon and more. At the end of the day Keldamuzik has proven herself to be "Diva International" which is also her alias that her fans gave her for devoting a lot of time and effort promoting internationally.

Visit Diva at www.Keldamuzik.net

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