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District Heating with Wood Pellets in Sweden

Wood pellets have used in many fields all over the world nowadays like district heating, animal bedding, co-firing with coal in power plants and ect. As a mature wood pellet market, wood pellets in Sweden are mainly used for district heating.

District heating is applied in most cities and towns in Sweden. Wood pellet has been widely used as fuel since the 1980's, when many district heating plants and CHP plants have changed from oil to wood pellets, often in combination with coal.

The Firgures Are Amazing
Here are some official firgures to help you understand the booming of wood pellets. In Sweden, the annual consumption of wood pellets in1997 was 494,000 tons and only 39,000 tons or 8% were used in private households. the rest of 455,000 tons were used for district heating and power station. With the development of wood pellets, these firgures changed dramtocally over the following 13 years, that is, the total consumption in 2010 was 2,280,000 tons and the use in private households was 785,000 tons or 34% of the total use.

Enviroment Is a Main Driver
1991, a proper noun called CO2 tax on fossil fuels plays an important role in promoting the flourishing of wood pellets. In addition, due to increasing electricity costs, high oil prices, and heavy tax on fossil fuels, the price of wood pellets for private household is attractive. the last but not least, there are the main drivers for small-scale users to invest in pellet boilers. the direct result is that the use of wood pellets in private households has increased 20 times.

Where Wood Pellets Can Be Used as Fuels?
Whe it comes to where to use, wood pellets have increased significantly for all sectors, which are private consumers, small and medium size heating plants and large scale CHP plants for both heat and electricity production.

Price of Wood Pellets Is Stress Free
Another good news is that price on wood pellets has been quite stable in Sweden, and still be. The reasonable price is an important weight for wood pellets to compete with other fuels. From the foregoing, i believe that you have witnessed the bright future of wood pellet mill. Any question, please feel free to contact us as soon as possible!

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