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Distance Learning Offers Convenience and a Respected Education

Distance Learning option, which caters specifically to students who, for whatever reason, cannot make it to campus for part-time or full-time studies.

According to Industry Canada, "Although distance education serves a broad range of students, one of the main markets consists of older learners who value the flexibility and convenience of distance learning." Centennial College serves this and other groups of students with two distinct options through its School of Continuing Education.

The School of Continuing Education provides a range of part-time evening, weekend and online course and programs to some 22,000 people who cannot attend full-time studies. More specifically, it offers more than 160 certificate and diploma programs, and more than 1,200 different courses.

For those who are comfortable with today's technology and own a computer, there are online distance courses. The virtual classroom is open to students 24 hours a day, providing flexibility so they can study when it is most convenient for them. While online course delivery saves travel time, it allows students to enjoy similar in-person benefits of a physical classroom such as: a qualified and industry-experienced instructor, communication tools, discussion boards and forums, a sense of email access with your classmates, digital assignment capability, and more.

Meanwhile, learners who are comfortable with studying completely independently may want to opt for Printed-based Correspondence. This option sees class materials mailed to students, who then complete their courses in a certain time frame — typically six months per course. With this option, each student is assigned a facilitator (tutor) to assist with assignments.

the two options under the School of Continuing Education Distance Learning umbrella. One sees students complete online courses while the other sees printed materials mailed to students.

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