Dishwashers Are Posing Fire Threats To Houses

Siemens and Bosch recalled millions of dishwashers for its faulty internal parts that are causing fire threats to the users and to the household goods.

About five millions of dishwashers have been called off by the famous appliance companies, Siemens and Bosch when the dishwashers are found posing a fire threat to the house through its faulty electrical parts.

As per record, dishwashers are triggering fire threats more than other appliances in the house. For years, people assumed the defects were generated by the local power grids but, lately several issues were discovered in the organs of the system that overheat the machine and consequently catches fire instantly.

Such fire incidents occurred in Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan and Ireland which lead to serious damage to other properties in the house. The survey on the dishwasher concluded that, dishwashers manufactured between the years 1999 to 2005 involved faulty electrical parts which made the system burn when get overused.

In Germany, among 2 millions affected dishwashers, 69 dishwashers caused fire incidents that already caused a threat to the lives of many people. Dishwasher threats about 11% fire incidents in the building which is much higher percent compared to other electronic devices in the home. Most dishwashers are found burning and subsequently lead to an open fire.

With this effect, the market for dishwasher has fallen remarkably and it also prompted the manufacturing companies to launch dishwashers with safety features and secured electrical cords. Siemens, the renowned home appliance company also took an emergency initiative to modify Siemens dishwasher for perfect household purpose.

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