Discover New Hospitality Equipment In Melbourne With Phoeniks!

The Australian famous hospitality equipment supplier is showing innovative hospitality equipment at the end of the month.

Working in partnership with Advantage commercial kitchens, Phoeniks will make a demonstration of the cook-chill techniques and show new hospitality equipment as well. To tell you more about the cook chill technique, this is a cooking system that is used in many European commercial kitchens and catering industries for food safety issues. Combined to sophisticated hospitality equipment, such a cooking technique enables to store large quantities of food without damaging its quality: on the contrary, this preserves vitamins and nutrients. Thanks to the cook-chill techniques many European hospitality businesses and commercial kitchens save labor and food costs drastically. However, it generally requires good hospitality equipment.

Bringing state-of-the-art hospitality equipment to Australia
Phoeniks will present innovative pieces of hospitality equipment during this forum. Visitors will indeed be able to see how the Flexichef - absolutely new piece of catering equipment designed by MKN - looks like. The Flexichef is a product made for hospitality businesses that includes much functionality. Such a piece of hospitality equipment can cook many meals at a time very fast, at various temperatures and with different cooking techniques. It is also equipped with a self-cleaning system that makes life much easier for employees of commercial kitchens. This is a piece of hospitality equipment that has been designed for hospitality businesses seeking to achieve faster and better results. It is developed by MKN which is one of the European leaders in manufacturing high quality hospitality equipment. Phoeniks will distribute this new piece of hospitality equipment by 2013 in Australian major capital cities: Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, Hobart and Adelaide. As the hospitality equipment supplier works with dealers all around the country, they are able to distribute any piece of hospitality equipment everywhere in Australia, no matter if you run a hospitality business that is located in Sydney, Melbourne or another city. Phoeniks indeed works with dealers and technicians whose companies are based in every Australian capital city (Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney etc.).

Catering equipment supplier awarded
Phoeniks recently got a highly commended certificate during the foodservice industry australia awards. It means a lot for them. They have been playing a major role in the development of the hospitality industry for four years now: innovative hospitality equipment distributed by Phoeniks have enabled many catering businesses to work better and faster. Phoeniks hospitality equipment is only high quality equipment. The Australian supplier has nine current exclusive partnerships with European companies that build extremely performing and reliable hospitality equipment. Thus, supplying only high quality hospitality equipment makes the difference and really enables to develop the hospitality industry. This is one of the reasons why Phoeniks has been awarded for its several-year activity in the hospitality equipment industry.

To conclude, Phoeniks will be very happy to welcome you in Commercial Advantage Kitchens to present you their new piece of catering equipment.

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