Discover Loans Within Your Network at Interest Rates You Decide

Circumvent high interest bank loan rates and even higher interest rates charged by loan sharks. Connect, discover and transact with the people you trust for free. Experience social financial convergence.

Eureka! Buddyinterest the world's first social financial network is here. Call your bank or that loan shark down your street, to pre-close your expensive loans, or personally go meet them and share the good news, because now with Buddyinterest you can easily discover and get loans from people you trust at rates lower than bank interest rates in a safe and transparent manner. Gone are those days you had to approach your friends individually and by the time you have asked a few, you are already disappointed and resort to approaching banks that provide loans at high interest rates. With buddyinterest
you can access your entire network of connections on Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo and other social networking sites in just two minutes. Voila!! Open up, with Buddyinterest.

"Lets just ponder for a minute. Who actually wants to pay high interest rates to banks and even higher interest rates to loan sharks? Certainly, not us. The common man carries a lot of debt. Consumer debt in the US alone is more than 11 trillion according to a recent article from Forbes. Buddyinterest now available in beta is designed to help the common man circumvent banks, loan sharks and high interest rates, and the beauty of it is in its discovery, simplicity and transparency, helping build borrower reliability and investor confidence. Now you will never forget how much you have lent out or how much you owe someone" says Johnson Charles, Head Marketing, https://www.buddyinterest.com

Buddyinterest is the world's first platform that allows you to create loans at interest rates you decide. No service fee, No pre-closure charges, No fund raising fee; only 100% freedom from banks and loan sharks. You can create a loan advertisement for absolutely anything that interests you such as car loans, home furnishing, medical emergency, loan preclosure, down payment for mortgage, personal loans etc. Borrowers get loans at rates they can afford and lenders get higher rates than a regular savings bank account or a fixed rate. Now you can spend more time doing the things you love than worrying about the things you hate, such as high interest loans and low returns on bank deposits. Be the first to sign-up for free and invite friends and family from other networks, to create your social financial network. Most importantly connect, discover and live free from financial stress. The real question is which high interest loan are you going to close using buddyinterest?

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