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Groupon and Living Social Made Daily Deals Popular -This Company Is Making Daily Deal's Profitable!

Hi everyone, this is Darryl again here to bring you yet another review of a company called The Customer Advantage.

Let me first start off by saying WOW!

The Customer Advantage has modeled themselves after the proven success of both Groupon and Living Social BUT... there is a twist that makes them stand out heads and shoulders above these two giants.

Let's first look more deeply into the success of Groupon and Living Social. Both of these companies offer percent off coupons to their members, at least 50% off. Both companies are successful with Groupon leading the pack. Groupon is the fastest growing company in history, period, with over 40 million members in two years while Living Social has over 10 million members.

When a company offers at least 50% off on a product or service people often buy and that's just why these two companies have seen tremendous success. Now enter The Customer Advantage!

As I stated before, The Customer Advantage has modeled themselves after the proven success of both Groupon and Living Social BUT... there is a twist that makes them stand out heads and shoulders above these two giants.

What's the twist?

The twist is that The Customer Advantage PAYS their members 50% of ALL revenue they receive and anyone can become a member for FREE!


You read that right but I'm not finished. You see, they pay their members a 5% referral fee 5 Levels Deep and the PAY their members 2% for each business they refer that host or have a 50% - 90% off sale through The Customer Advantage.

Alright you might say so what does this means to you.

Well, let me break it down to you like this: Lets say you joined for free and told 5 of your friends how they can save at least 50% on things they already buy or services they already use. Now let's say they do the same and their friends do the same and so on a few times.

5 people you told
Each of those 5 told 5 each
That 25 told 5 each
Those 125 told 5 each
And those 625 told 5 each

That's 3,125 people you have in your group.

Now let's say that the Daily Deal comes out for half off on pizza. Normally $16 but on sale through The Customer Advantages Program for $8. Now lets say only half of those 3,125 buy this deal or 1,562 (rounded down). You are going to get 5% of that volume or you will pocket 40 cents for each of those 1,562 sales. 40 cents may not seem like a lot but let's do the math.

1,562x.40 (cents) =$624.80

And what did you do to earn over 600 bucks? This is just one sale for pizza, the deals come out Daily!

But wait I'm still not done.

Lets say this time you signed up a business, for free of course. That business runs a special through The Customer Advantage but this time you get 2% from every sale that business does through The Customer Advantage.


YES! Let's use the pizza example above and say you sponsored or signed up that pizza business also.

Not only will you earn the $624.80 but now you will make 2% on EVERY pizza that business sales through The Customer Advantage and that could be tens of thousands of people times 2%.

So what's in it for the businesses and you? The businesses get more and new business, they save on their marketing expense because The Customer Advantage takes care of the marketing for these deals. Should these business you sign up for free sign up their customers they get 5% when their customers buy a daily deal from some other retailers like:

Haircuts, Restaurants, Dry Cleaning, Movies, Car Tune-Ups, Massages, Shoes, Oil Changes, Manicures, Car Detailing, Health Clubs, Clothes, Hotels, Computers, Home Repairs, Electronics, Theater, Spas, Sports etc... You name it!

So are you ready to Join The Customer Advantage ?

Learn how it is possible to make a substantial residual income with The Customer Advantage by visiting:

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