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Discounted Luxury Airfare in New Zealand Through New Flight Major Service

Through its newly launched NZ website, Flight Major offers a series of important discounts for the usually high-prices business class flights.

Through its newly launched NZ website, Flight Major offers a series of important discounts for the usually high-prices business class flights.

Using, travellers could book flights immediately for any important destination and get a guaranteed discount. The site for New Zealand provides the same professional service, with guaranteed low prices. It caters to business travellers as well as to anyone wishing to make a voyage and enjoy greater comfort.

The business class represents not only a more comfortable way to travel by plane, but also a more convenient one. Passengers are well rested as they reach their destination. These tickets guarantee a lot less waiting time in airports and access to more facilities. Flight Major now overpasses the main difficulty encountered by passengers wanting more from their flight - the too big prices.

New Zealand residents can now enjoy a specialised service that lets them book with top ranking airlines. The fares are heavily discounted and make business travel more accessible to larger crowds. Individuals can use the website to book the flight segments they desire, without having to compromise their itinerary to obtain the discount.

The discounted luxury airfare company also provides a reliable customer service to be accessed at all times. It caters to the needs and queries of customers before, during and after the flight. There are no limitations to booking the cheapest business class tickets via the Flight Major system. Travellers can opt for all popular destinations in Europe, North America, Australia etc. and they can also select a round-trip, a one-way ticket or a multi-destination one.

The participating airlines are some of the best rated in the world, including Swissair, Thai or Singapore Airways. Top carriers connect New Zealand destinations to major airports in Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Miami, London, Hong Kong, Brisbane, Victoria and many more. The company's agents are ready to respond to any travel requirements. Extensive travel information, baggage and refund policies are all available on the website. In certain cases, airlines may impose their own regulations.

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Flight Major, operating through, provides New Zealanders with discounted luxury airfare. Clients can book any flight directly on the website and benefit of adequate assistance until their journey is over.

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