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Discount Wig Salon Warns of Future Price Increases

Discount Wig Salon announces that the cost of goods is rising, forcing inflationary pressure on prices.

Who announces a price increase? Most businesses let people know when they're having a sale, but Discount Wig Salon wants consumers to know that the true cost of goods has been rising, and in the interest of transparency, it will be hard to keep retail prices low in the future.

Marketing director Clark Wang says, "We have been running a clearance sale for a while now, but with the cost of goods increasing, not to mention shipping costs, it will be very difficult to maintain these prices. Therefore, we want to give fair warning and explain the inflationary pressures in our industry." He explains that many stores warn of impending prices increases in order to get people to buy now, and everyone understands that this is common practice and not intentionally deceptive. "However," he adds, "in this case, we are merely informing customers that the ongoing inventory sale is truly clearance prices."

As stated on their website, the Discount Wig Salon is clearing out their inventory to make room for new stock. Wang give further detail, "As we consider new styles and new wigs, we see that our manufacturers have raised their prices quite a bit. At this point, we can't even guess how much this will impact our final retail pricing in the future, but as usual, we are committed to bringing quality cheap wigs to the market."

The cost of manufacturing goods in China has been on the rise for some time. In fact, many US businesses have been moving manufacturing operations back to the States because it is now cost competitive to do so. Most wig manufacturing, though, still remains centered in China, in spite of the increases. Aside of electronics, people are used to costs increasing over time.

Discount Wig Salon has gained a reputation as a provider of cheap wigs, but emphasizing that their wigs are cheap in price, not in quality. Their wigs are made of Japanese synthetic fiber, softer in texture than normal bargain synthetics, and more like natural hair. Although no one would mistake these wigs for real human hair, many people would be surprised at the quality offered at these prices.

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