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Discount Wig Salon Publishes Video Showing Easy Returns

Discount Wig Salon publishes a video explaining their no-hassle, easy return policy.

Have you ever thought twice about making an online purchase because you weren't sure if you would be getting a piece of junk or actually saving money? In keeping with their high standard of customer service, Discount Wig Salon removes fear or risk by offering a customer satisfaction guarantee. They have just released a video explaining how easy it is to return a wig.

Some companies require a customer to jump through all kinds of hoops to return a purchase. Other companies are located in Asia, and while they offer cheap prices, if you ever need to return a wig, the cost of shipping may far exceed the cost of the wig. But Discount Wig Salon is located in Dallas, TX, making returns and customer service easy and reasonable.

As Customer Service representative Clark Wang explains, "A customer may return a wig if they don't like it for any reason at all, whether the color is not quite right or the style is not what they were expecting." Wang continues, "After all, we realize that buying wigs online can be difficult." Most users understand the difficulty of choosing a wig color, since every computer monitor renders shades and colors slightly differently. So the ability to return the wig without hassle is a great reassurance for potential shoppers.

"We want to remove any risk or fear of purchasing online," states Wang. The return policy is clear: simply contact the company for instructions on how to return the order within 14 days of receipt. After the wig is returned, a refund will be applied. With customer service taking a high priority, return requests usually receive a quick response.

The video explains the simple process and shows the steps needed. The video is available for viewing at

Discount Wig Salon is known for offering quality wigs at discount prices. When they refer to their wigs as cheap wigs, they are referring to the cheap price, not cheap quality. Their wigs are made of Japanese synthetic fiber and are made for daily use.

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