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Discount Wig Salon Publishes Video Questioning Popularity of Short Hair Wigs

Discount Wig Salon announces publication of a new video showcasing popular short wigs while answering why short wigs are not as popular as long wigs.

If cheap wigs are so popular, why are cheap short wigs not? The market shows that long hair has been much favored over short hair, leaving many people to wonder why. This video helps to answer that question.

Marketing director Clark Wang says, "Long wigs outsell short wigs by a considerable margin." This reflects a distinct preference for long hair. Moreover, this is not just a current fad, but has been a stylistic trend for some time. Also, this preference seems to hold true for hair styles in general, not just for wigs or the cheap wig niche.

So what is the reason that long hair is so preferable to short hair? This video reveals that there are many theories but no definitive answers. More importantly than understanding why short hair is not so popular is understanding that hair lengths and hair styles are all personal preferences. Therefore, each individual woman is the best person to decide what style fits her. Wang states that our culture is conditioned to prefer what other people tell us is popular, but this reduces individuals to a nameless face in the crowd.

In contrast, the Discount Wig Salon offers a wide assortment of lengths, styles and colors to suit a wide variety of tastes. Discount Wig Salon wants everyone to celebrate their differences, and enjoy their individual preferences and uniqueness. In addition, one of the benefits of wearing cheap wigs is that the consumer can afford to own several different wigs, tailoring their look to different occasions.

This video is available for viewing at The video shows some of the company's popular short hair wigs currently on sale. The Discount Wig Salon is currently clearing out their entire inventory with a massive sale.

Further questions about the contents of this announcement may be directed to Clark Wang, who can be contacted through the company website,

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