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Dionysus Releases EDM Remix Album 'Dreamix Volume 1'

With his 3rd album in less than 2 years Dionysus takes the Electronic Dance Music scene by storm!

Southern California EDM artist Dionysus releases yet another collection of bangin' tracks titled Dreamix Volume 1. This is his 3rd full length album and 1st 'self remix' album. By remixing his own music, Dionysus provides a fresh perspective on musical ideas from his recent album Dare to Dream.

When asked to describe the collection of remixes, Dionysus reveals "Some 'Dreamixes' have the epic drama that most people expect from me, while others are more minimal and focused on the groove. I hope people can understand how diverse my musical tastes are." With 3 full length album releases in under 2 years, we can definitely continue to expect high quality productions to keep coming from Dionysus.

DREAMIX VOLUME 1 - Tracklisting:

1 - Cherry Blossom (Galactic Opera Remix)
2 - Earthquaker (Moon Rocks Remix)
3 - Introspective Monster (Party Dragon Remix)
4 - Arcade Dreams (Retro Fantasy Remix)
5 - Electron Rumble (Ultra Grind Remix)
6 - Feels Like A Dream (Cloud Dance Remix)
7 - Flying Castle (EDM Kingdom Remix)
8 - Twisting Galaxies (Electro Step Remix)
9 - Cherry Blossom (Minimal Progressive Electro Remix)
10- Earthquaker (Destroy Los Angeles Remix)
11- Arcade Dreams (Electro Chiptune Remix)

Dreamix Volume 1 is a follow up to the album Dare To Dream. The tracks from Dare To Dream are directly responsible for the enthusiasm from the global dance music community that currently surrounds Dionysus.

Dionysus is both thrilled and grateful for the opportunity to share new sonic experiences with electronic dance music enthusiasts around the world.

Dreamix Volume 1 is available on iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay, eMusic, and many more stores.


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