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Dion Price Sales Out High School Talent Show( Recap)

Students of Pymouth Educational Center can't get enough of Dion Price. Dion returns to Plmouth Educational High School for a sold out talent show.

Grand Slamm Records Pop/R&B Soul artist, Dion Price does a guest star performance at Plymouth Educational Center Preparatory High School Dion Price is a rising star in rotation on radio stations on-line such as,,, WorldWideCore, Live 365 and more.

Dion welcomes support of media interviews. There were sold out tickets in one day prior to Plymouth Educational Center Prep High School talent show scheduled date. Student, faculty and parents attended the school talent show right before good Friday and Easter holiday weekend. The Sigma Beta Club Step
Team and Zeta Archonette Step Team also graced the stage as guest performances, yet Dion seemed to steal the show. During Dion's performance with his amazing band, the students rushed to
the stage beside the judges of the talent show and sang along with Price's hit single "What If". Dion turns the talent show into a true party by pulling some of the students and parents (now devoted fans) on stage with him; he ignites an already lit flame of excitement into an atomic bomb of fun.

Dion Price brings a sense of infectious energy to his craft and he transports that out of the audience. The students of Plymouth Educational Center are truly dedicated fans/friends of Dion Price. You can catch "Dion Price Journey" part 3 on YOUTUBE to see the first appearance Price made at the PECP High School. Check it out here . Stay tuned to " Dion Price Journey" part 4, Its Crazy!

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