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Lets try to dig into why companies and businesses these days use Digital Marketing or Social Media Marketing to promote their product and services. Lets get ourselves familiar with what is digital marketing, in brief. Digital marketing is basically promoting or advertising of one's product and services by the use of electronic media like personal computers,laptops,cell phones, smartphones,tablets and more. It is often refer to as Online- marketing or Internet- marketing,which is the use of social networking sites like facebook,twitter,myspace,orkut and many more to connect to customers and their business partners.

One can claim that digital marketing or online marketing is the least expensive, if not the most effective, means of marketing a product and the fastest way to reaching out to people or potential customers. One post made viral can reach out to as many as million people in no time, all around the world. It is this component of social media marketing that makes it very attractive to businesses and companies. Social media is so powerful that it can either break or make a company. We will try to justify this in the later context.

Lets take facebook for instance, where there are 1.28 billion users and half a billion active users all over the world, and it is said by sources that facebook will announce its 2 billionth users in the late 2014. What companies basically do is, they make a facebook 'Official page' for their business, giving brief information about their company and their product and sent invites to as many people. After having their invites sent, they started making posts about the product, asking survey/research questions and conducting quizes and offering gifts/offers along inorder to grab more attentions or create traffics in their page. They welcome comments, where customers can make a complaint or any grievances about their services and visa versa and open a conversation box where a platform is provided for customers and the company to communicate openly and freely about the product or services. There is also a fan page where customers of their product made complimentary posts about the company and their products and services.

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