Diet Authority,, Welcomes the Changing Season with Slimming Package Starter Kits

Prodivita, a leading manufacturer and seller of high protein-low carb diet products, is offering the five -day slimming package starter kit perfect for the autumn season.

In more ways than one, dieting promises a difficult journey. For people who are used to eating satisfying food, limiting one's intake can require extreme dedication and discipline. For such reason, many dieters are no stranger to failed attempts, with food temptations that are too tasty to resist coming from just about everywhere.

The Prodivita protein diet - a scientifically backed diet based on natural proteins - is highly popular in Germany, mainly because it develops highly not only healthy and effective diet products, but also tasty meals with high protein content that can satisfy like any good food. The low-calorie, ready meals are also so well received because they are easy to prepare and contain a lot of natural protein.

Detailed at, the Prodivita diet is aimed at avoiding carbohydrates and fats in the diet. The high quality protein and low calorie content of the food ensures a rapid decrease in fat storage, without resulting to hunger or fatigue. For more than 30 years, the Prodivita principles have been recommended by professional nutritionists and applied. As such, thousands of people depend on the Prodivita diet, and are successful with their weight loss goals. products embrace a wide range of food types. Protein bread, toast, pudding, drink, omelet, pancake, pasta, puree, nuggets, soups, biscuits, bars and waffles make up the extensive selection of tasty protein diet food. offers starter kits to help people start on their way to a healthier and leaner body. The kits to choose from are the 5-day Degreasing package, the 14-day Fruit Flavor Package; the 7-day Autumn Package; the 14-day Chocolate Package; and the 7-day Different Products. As the meal plans suggest, dieters will be able to enjoy tasty chocolates, fruits, yoghurt and soups throughout their diet. is also offering the free five-day slimming package consisting of suggested protein diaet meals that are tailored to help people lose several kilos fast through responsible eating. Divided into four phases, the slimming plan offers a specially-designed eating plan that lets dieters choose any Prodi Vita protein diet products.

To know more about the Prodivita weight loss products and starter kits, please visit for details.

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