Diabetes Energy Formula, drsi ReStore! Energy™ Now Available At Kroger Stores

Diabetica Research Solutions, Inc. announced that drsi ReStore! Energy™ - the diabetes energy formula - is now available at Kroger stores and Kroger Company grocery chains including Ralphs, Frys, and King Soopers.

(Boca Raton - October 6, 2010) Diabetica Research Solutions, Inc. (DRSI) - www.drsi-inc.com - announced that drsi ReStore! Energy™ - the diabetes energy formula - is now available at Kroger stores and Kroger Company grocery chains including Ralphs in Southern California, Frys in the Southwest, and King Soopers in Colorado. The Kroger Co. is one of the nation's largest retailers and spans many states with store formats that include grocery and multi-department stores and convenience stores. ReStore! Energy ™ is the breakthrough energy formula for people with diabetes that is rapidly expanding its retail distribution in drugstore and grocery store chains nationwide.

Younis Zubchevich, CEO of DRSI, said, "Kroger is a leader in the grocery and pharmacy world and being available throughout their stores is another important milestone that allows us to reach customers, the growing diabetes population, with the only solution that helps them overcome ongoing struggles with fatigue. It is important that people with diabetes have a trusted and convenient source, like Kroger, where they can get this product to restore their energy levels. Our availability within the Kroger family adds to our growing national presence. We are very much encouraged with our rapid distribution growth and Kroger's decision to include ReStore! Energy™ as part of
their diabetes set."

Zubchevich continued, "As our list of retail distribution partners includes more trusted, brand name retail grocery and pharmacy chains, we are building confidence among the diabetes community for ReStore! Energy™ and other products in the DRSI pipeline."

There are approximately 24 million people with diabetes in America, and another 57 million who are pre-diabetic. Until now, they have not had any energy alternatives available that doctors could approve. As fatigue is such a debilitating and daily symptom of this disease-state, ReStore! Energy™ provides people with diabetes the only energy option that is consistent with their health and dietary requirements.

drsi ReStore! Energy™ is rapidly expanding its national retail distribution. It is also available in Rite Aid, Kinney Drugs, Duane Reade, Winn-Dixie, Giant Eagle, H-E-B, CVS.com, USA Drugs, Navarro, The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy, SaveMart, HyVee, Leader Pharmacies, Family Pharmacy, Wegmans, Schnucks,, and many fine retailers across America.

For more information on Diabetica Research Solutions, Inc. and drsi ReStore! Energy log on to: http://www.drsi-inc.com. To try a free sample, please contact: info@EnergeticDiabetic.com.
Diabetica Research Solutions, Inc. is a private consumer healthcare company committed to being the leader at helping people live better with diabetes. drsi ReStore! Energy is its flagship product. The DRSI corporate mission is to help people with diabetes overcome life's daily challenges and live an active, healthy life where everything is possible!

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