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Developing Trends of Cosmetics Packaging

As a kind of fashion consumer goods, cosmetics need high-quality packaging material to enhance their social status.

As a kind of fashion consumer goods, cosmetics need high-quality packaging material to enhance their social status. Glass, plastic and metal are the materials that mainly used in cosmetics packaging and containers at present.

Now, the key R&D and innovations focus around the world is the development of new materials and new processing technology. Design more new stylish products in order to highlight the novelty and elegance of the product.

With the developing packaging technology and the gradual application of digitalization, the future trend of cosmetics packaging mainly has several points:

1. Green Package.
2. Capsule Package.
3. Multilayer plastic composite technology package.
4. Vacuum packaging

In US, cosmetics, food, and medicines belong to FDA management and the demand is critical. The production conditions of many cosmetics and pharmaceuticals are similar, the situation in European is much the same.

Each country has strict rules for the application of cosmetics label, it is required the information about production and using of the product must be marked on the cosmetic tube packaging. Compare with other products, cosmetics tube packaging pay more attention to the beautiful and fashion package.

However, the recyclability and easy recovery of products have form a pair of sharp contradictions to the function. Fortunately, some companies have made a great success in production of post-consumer recycled tubes. At present, these companies are making great efforts in environmental protection, and the other companies which are committed to environmental protection will certainly follow this project. "

It is conceivable that the composite tubes those can not only meet the functional requirements , but also have acceptable cost and easy recyclability will be favored by the market.

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