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In this write-up the writer has explained about how oily and processed food is leading us to various lifestyle diseases. Herein the writer has also discussed about raw food workshop offered by a leading lifestyle brand SimplyRaw.

Eating habits have a huge impact on our health. Lifestyle diseases in individuals living in metro cities are mostly due to unhealthy eating habits. Whenever we feel hungry, we always try to eat something that could satisfy our hunger and taste-buds, not what could be nutritious. We can spend hours in gym and fitness classes but are generally not able to control our fetish for cooked and oily processed food. If you are also in the same situation and are not able to control your eating habits, then following write-up is meant for you.

Raw Food Workshop

If you have given up on starving yourself and exercising for hours to get rid of that excessive flab, then you can try raw food workshop by Natasha Kyssa. Natasha is the famous author of a Canadian bestseller book “The SimplyRaw Living Foods Detox Manual.” Apart from being a well known author, she is also the founder of SimplyRaw. There are innumerable achievements that have made Natasha a popular face in media. The former model has years of experience as a raw foodist. She has started this workshop with an aim to increase the popularity of raw food diet and help people recover from chronic diseases through this natural living food therapy.

Why Choose SimplyRaw?

SimplyRaw workshop is extremely interactive and Natasha makes sure that each student gets equal opportunity. Apart from this she also maintains a casual environment in the class, to make this learning experience full of fun. These classes are small with maximum members not more than 20, which give each student a chance to get a one to one personal experience with her. She makes sure that all the students are able to grasp the knowledge and recipes that she is sharing with them. Students who attend this workshop go home with easy to make recipes that could be prepared in less time. The ingredients of these dishes are organic and gluten-free, which can immensely help in maintaining a healthy diet schedule. This workshop is meant for all those people who are willing to be healthier or want to maintain their youthfulness and body weight for long time. The healthy detox program offered by SimplyRaw could give a new life to your body and fill it with vital natural energy.

In case you are willing to attend this workshop and find a healthier you, then you can simply log on to

About SimplyRaw

SimplyRaw is a pioneer engaged in offering raw food lifestyle solutions to individuals across the world. The organization was founded by a famous Canadian raw foodist Natasha Kyssa, who has helped many people in adjusting with living food lifestyle. The contact information of the company is mentioned below:

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Ottawa ON, K1Y 2Y1

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