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Detectamet's New Stretch Wrap Reduces Food Packaging Contamination

Packaging causes 34% of physical contamination of food. Detectamet's new stretch wrap reduces this risk because it is metal detectable.

From recent internal industry reports on sources of physical contamination of food it was found that at least 34%¹ of incidents involved process and product packaging. A number of these incidents occur when bits of stretch wrap, perhaps from stretch wrapped ingredients, get into the process flow.

Several companies have asked Detectamet to supply them with detectable stretch wrap, and this has been of particular interest to ingredient suppliers wishing to help to protect their customers from accidental contamination.

"I was surprised at the numbers when they came in" said Sean Smith the company's CEO "We produce many metal detectable plastic products that help to reduce contamination of finished food product and several of them have been made at the specific request of food production companies."

Sean said that "When customers started to ask for detectable wrap I asked how big was the problem and the data I was given helped us to realise the size of the challenge"

The new Detectable Stretch Wrap has been tested and found to offer good levels of detectability in metal detectors. In trials by experienced wrap users the 30 micron film was found to offer more resilient strength that was less likely to tear.

The reports from the testers consistently remarked on how the wrap didn't keep tearing. "Flimsy cheap wrap seems to be a pet hate of despatch staff" said Sean "I suppose there is nothing as frustrating as trying to get a waiting lorry loaded and the wrap tears in mid-wrap"

There are two roll sizes of Detectamet Detectable Stretch Wrap. The hand wrapper size is 400mm wide by 200 metres long and for wrapping by machines the rolls are 500mm by 800 metres. The rolls can be ordered singly or in boxes that contain either 2 large size rolls in a box or 6 small rolls per box.

The new wrap has been affirmed as satisfying the US and EU requirements for safe contact with food.
For more information contact: s.smith at

¹ Statistics collated from Detectamet customer reports on contamination sources and causes.

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