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Destination Weddings Trending This Season

With Wedding season soon up on us, destination wedding locations prepare for the increased tourist traffic and anxious "bride-zillas." Local restaurants and resorts are getting ready for the many ceremonies and celebrations anticipated this season.

Following one of the most brutal winters on record, many Northerners are heading South for a break from the cold. Betrothed couples are no different. According to many wedding and event planners, tropical locations have gained the top spot for destination weddings. While the Hawaiian Islands held the number one position for island nuptials for nearly five decades, the tiny island of Key West, Florida has gained a hold on the top of the heap.

Both logistics and the economy are contributing factors to the rise of the "Conch Republic" to the most desired destination wedding locale.

"We knew we wanted a tropical setting for our wedding," said Yolanda G. of Minneapolis. "Hawaii sounds wonderful but it's so very expensive. We can have a tropical, island wedding for far less by going to the Florida Keys."

Officiants and clergymen on the island are finding it difficult to manage the influx of scheduled ceremonies to please all of the brides. In addition, many Key West restaurants and caterers are already seeing the increased number of banquet and reception reservations.

"Our banquet rooms are filling quickly," said Roof Top Cafe owner, Wednesday Vogel. "We generally book rehearsal dinners and wedding receptions throughout the season but this year, the reservations are coming in much earlier and there are many more of them. June is looking great already!"

The tropical appeal, the pristine beaches, and a world famous sunset are only a few of the irresistible amenities Key West has to offer that has made the tiny city the most desirable location for couples seeking an unforgettable, island wedding. Logistics are an additional consideration for land-locked lovers.

"I want my family involved in the most important day of my life," commented Harlan P. of Dallas. "I could really dig a Hawaiian wedding but how would I get all the cousins there? The Florida Keys were the logical alternative. Even Billy-Bob and Jo-Jo will make it to Key West!"

As the top destination wedding locale in the country, the tiny island of Key West and its many businesses are preparing for a record number of ceremonies and receptions throughout the wedding season this year.

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