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Designwonen is supplier of various home and lighting products, chairs, design sofas, tables and other products.

Designwonen was established in 2009 and since then has been a provider of a large variety of tastefully designed home decor products, furniture and lots more. The company combines everything that is great about small organizations as well as large companies. With brands such as Piet Boon, Modular, Lumina, Ingo Maurer, Foscarini, Cini & Nils, Kubikoff, Dykk, Catellani & Smith, Brand van Egmond, Artemide, FLOS, Its about romi, Jielde and Pure, customers can find all the variety they need. Even design 't gooi products can be found at Designwonen.

The lighting collection at Designwonen includes VIC industry lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps, chandeliers, pendant lamps and lots more. These lamps are all diverse in design as well as color. Each one meant to appeal to a very different taste; these lamps are available in a variety of designs, patterns and materials. While some of these lamps exhibit rather simple and even minimalistic designs, others are more intricately designed and structured. From bright and glossy finishes to dull matte finished lamps, Designwonen has it all.

The collection of chairs at is equally versatile and diverse. The collection includes chairs feature tasteful patchwork as well as those with a leather finish for people looking for more conventional chairs. Some of the chairs in the collection are designed specifically to fulfill their functional purpose. Though they are available in a variety of colors and designs, the structural simplicity of these chairs has been maintained. On the other hand, The collection at Designwonen also features some highly intricately designed chairs that ornamental as they are functional. Customers can witness a splash of new concepts and ideas and designs being explored in this section.

The design sofas at Designwonen are all about grand style and concept. The sofas feature rather simple designs and color schemes but the elegance and class in these sofas is but obvious. These sofas are available in a different sizes and configurations depending on your requirements. Open clean lines and deep seating defines most of these sofas that are also highly comfortable from being extremely stylish.

The collection of tables at Designwonen is extensive as it is stylish. These tables are available in a variety of designs and makes to suit user requirements. Extremely simple coffee tables can be found in this collection as can large and majestic dining tables.

All in all, the selection of products at Designwonen is all about the right balance between style, great design concepts and functionality. Customers have the freedom to tip over to one side of the scales a bit more than the other and they are sure to find something to fit their needs. From lavishly designed lamps to extremely simple tables and chairs, is a one stop shop for a whole variety of designs.

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