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Desiar Eyewear Releases New Mach 3 Design on

Fort Wayne based eyewear brand, Desiar (Des-E-Air), releases handcrafted Mach 3 design on crowd funding site,

Being Legendary. It's what makes "The Greats" great. And, it's what Desiar has set out to become: a new revolution of eyewear for the fashion-forward who want to become style legends

Desiar is more than a look. It's a state of mind that drives Visionary, Jamal to create a brand with a powerful combination - one that fuses classic elements with a fearless look into the future. The result? A progressive eyewear line for the bold, the confident and the expressive.

• Shades of Change: "It's Not just about sunglasses"

Desiar shades not only represent our product but also the gradual influence we all can make to help change the world. We do this by partnering with a non-profit organization we feel is making the world a better place. We've team up with Thirst Project and committed to build a clean drinking water well for a community in need. What does this mean? For each pair of Desiar sunglasses sold through this campaign and on our website thereafter, we will provide clean drinking water for someone in need for 10 years.

• 1.1 Billion people don't have access to clean drinking water. That's ONE in every EIGHT of us. 4,400 children die each day from disease caused by contaminated water.

The Mach 3 design will be available online at Indiegogo. "I've never designed for the sake of designing. I'm always thinking about how our product will make a person feel when wearing DESIAR.I think we accomplish this as a team and when we do; our customers see the end result with each product we produce." Says Founder Jamal Robinson.

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