Dermatend Launches a New User Friendly Website

Every human being does not like any tags or moles on their skin which decreases the beauty. Dermatend provides many products which contains natural ingredients. It is very safe and cost effective alternative to surgery

It is now much easier to get rid of blemishes or moles on the skin naturally with no side effects thanks to Dermatend products. Derma Tend® has always been at the forefront in embracing new technology and making its notch services user friendly by launching a new website. The newly launched website quickly navigates Dermatend consumers on the benefits of using the product to remove skin tag. It does this by not only explaining the skin tag removal procedures, but also provides a video demo that shows how the product works.

New Dermatend website features the following,
The website features three colorful steps on how to use the product to remove skin tag. The first step entails washing the blemish with hot water and soap and then drying it with a dry towel so to allow Dermatend to penetrate through the skin. After cleaning the blemish, what follows next is topical application of Dermatend. Dermatend application involves squeezing the content of the product on top of the blemish and then leaving it to penetrate through the skin for 20 - 30 minutes. Finally, the product is washed off the skin. By the end of the day scab will form on the surface of the skin that falls off taking away the blemish with it.

In addition, the website displays various Dermatend products and the benefits that come with using each product. Dermatend consumers can now easily learn of great discounts on offer and better deals of purchasing any of Dermatend products.
Dermatend is a natural mole remover that gives clients an alternative to surgery. The product is prepared from the finest natural herbs that guarantee consumer safety.

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Aaron Lilly
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