Depression at Early Age Puts Inactivity Among Young Men

The survey reports state that various counts of young men have started experiencing early cases of depression.

USA-The survey reports state that various counts of young men have started experiencing early cases of depression. The case of early depression in the young men have wide link of these men becoming inactive much later in life. Spending huge amount of period online every day especially leads to such disorders.

In a research related study, around 760 adults from Montreal of age 20 were already suffering from depression symptoms. These adults were duly required to keep complete track of their leisure period which are usually spent in watching TV or by using computers. It also involved the exercise of the time spent in using internet or even playing games. The survey was initiated during the year 2007 - 2008. Around 4 years later when the researchers could ascertain a striking variation among these people.

The researchers set off with the idea after finding out that such case of early depression in these people might make them glued to their TV or computer monitor and do absolutely nothing. As the survey involved both men and women, the researchers didn't imagine a good difference between the two species. The findings involved results which consisted of these men of young age actually spent around a period of 4 (four) hours or more than that in watching television every week compared to the young group of women. It was also seen that the total hours used up in spending in front of the TV or a computer exceeded around 21 hours every week which is more than two times the level of recommended screen time. According to the various researchers who were involved in the survey that the figures mentioned and suggested can be quite disturbing for 2 reasons: Inactivity is on a rising scale among these young generations and are influential in later course of actions.

The followed steps by the researchers involved checking of the time period of both women and men for how long they have been interacting and communicating. It was found that men actually spend the time more in non-social mediums which included watching news or playing games.

The above observations clarified that men being more depressed than women of young age become completely trapped in the depression cycle which leads to complete inactivity procedures and behavior. These issues can be difficult and lead to various issues related to health and can also include complete case of depression. It is understood and instructed to practice early intervention by taking part in various physical activities and cut depression cases among this young generation.

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