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Deodorant Health Provides Required Memory

The new Deodorant Health provides required memory and a hassle-free way to never forget your vitamins.

Having difficulty swallowing those large, unpleasant tasting vitamins will be over forever if using this new product. It aids in keeping track of a vast collection of vitamins? Deodorant Health is a line of stick-style deodorants and antiperspirants for adults and children that, in addition to their normal use, are infused with a vast array of vitamins and minerals that can be absorbed into the body upon application.

With Deodorant Health one can fight perspiration and odor while delivering a time-release dose of necessary vitamins and minerals through the skin into the bloodstream, all at the same time. No more keeping track of a variety of vitamins and no more hard-to-swallow, unpleasant tasting vitamins! Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Deodorant Health.

The Patent Pending Deodorant Health was invented by Peter Menegan and Stephen Catanzaro of Middletown, NY, who said, "Deodorant Health can be offered in the popular stick variety or a compact, oval shaped powder bar or gel that is dispensed from its container via an internal plunger mechanism that raises the substance to the top surface for application. The odor/perspiration fighting ingredients of Deodorant Health are the same as those found in common varieties, with formulas and fragrances. The adult version of Deodorant Health contains the recommended daily dosage of all vitamins from A to Zinc, while the children's version features the ones they need most, which are A, C, and D. Variations on the Deodorant Health concept facilitate time-release dispensation of other specific nutrients and medicinals, such as testosterone for men, iron for women, pre-workout supplements, energy boosts, and even pain relievers."

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