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Denver 'Holy Huddle' Meetup & Group Coaching Bootcamp Brings Together Christian Small Business Owners To Discover And Design God's Blueprint For Success

Upcoming Denver MeetUp for a new group "Holy Huddle, aims to provide enriching interaction and discussion among business owners for greater success in 2014.

For business owners who are steadfast in their Christian faith, the common, firm belief is that God is the real "Boss" who has laid out the ultimate plan for their success. Anchored on this Truth is the Holy Huddle, a group coaching program for Christian entrepreneurs which reveals the marketing strategy and Blueprint for becoming a business success story.

"Marketing Huddle began during my MBA studies as a way to help small business owners learn and implement marketing strategies and tactics in their business," said Mike Saunders. "The foundation of Marketing Huddle is based on my love for Jesus Christ and helping small business owners."

The Holy Huddle Bootcamp is a Group Coaching program that will help you Discover the Life You Were Born to Live & the Business You Were Born to Run!

Based on Mr. Saunders' unique application of Marketing Strategy, the 7-week group coaching program is for like-minded business owners where the participant will be taught, motivated and held accountable in major areas of life & business including: spiritual, relationships, physical & financial. These form the powerful personal foundation needed to build a "kingdom business".

Integrated in the Bootcamp is the proprietary "CA-TA-SA Blueprint", which is a 3-box coaching system that fuses Competitive Advantage, Target Audience and Strategic Alliances. This is the core principle that Mr. Saunders adheres to in his strategic business coaching.

The Holy Huddle Bootcamp allows members to develop the purpose that God has for them in their business.

Bootcamp Benefits:
• Learn: powerful content to implement in your business now!
• Pray: for each other and specific missionaries from the Group that they know!
• Motivate: accountability motivates!
• Give: you will see modeled by Mike, Strategic Philanthropy or "business tithing" to support Missions.

"The goal is to move beyond the superficial and develop meaningful and lasting business and personal relationships that will allow EVERYONE to grow and develop professionally and personally," said Saunders, who holds an MBA in Marketing and serves the small and medium-sized business market.

To find out more about Holy Huddle Bootcamp for Christian business owners, please visit www.MarketingHuddle.com/HolyHuddle

To find out more about the Denver Holy Huddle Meetup, visit

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