Denver Based Design Firm Evocativo To Design Italian Sports Car

Denver-based upscale product design and engineering firm Evocativo the first ever to design an Italian sports car for the sports car racing market. A road-going version is also planned once the design is proven in competition.

Denver area design firm to design high performance sports car for Italian company. Evocativo, LLC of Arvada, Colorado a Denver area Engineering and Design Company has been selected to provide design services to Bellarosa G. Giovanni s.r.l. of Gardone Valtrompia, Lombardy, Italy, manufacturer of Wolf Racing Cars and operator of Avelon Formula race team.

Evocativo principal designer Rob DeBardeleben and Bellarosa G. Giovanni s.r.l. have entered into a joint venture agreement to design, manufacture and sell a high performance racing sports car. This could be the first ever example of a U.S. as well as a Denver based firm providing design services for a high performance sports car to be manufactured in Italy and sold throughout the world. Although this exotic sports car is designed for racing purposes only, Wolf Race Cars will also produce a version for use on public roads.

Evocativo, LLC. Evocativo operates in Denver, Colorado specializing in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and Design. The company mission is to merge engineering practices with products of upscale style and high-level design. Evocativo designer Rob DeBardeleben, with his passion for creating and designing unique and quality designs, sees this exotic sports car design as the signature example of their capabilities. For more information on Evocativo visit www.Evocativo.com.

Bellarosa G. Giovanni s.r.l. Bellarosa is a family owned and operated business since 1976, producing the Wolf and also collaborating with the Ligier race car brands. Principal founder Giovanni Bellarosa with his sons Maurizio and Ivan Bellarosa have produced championship-winning formula and sports prototype race cars while their racing division Avelon Formula has won prestigious Italian and European racing championships. For more information on Wolf Race Cars visit www.WolfRacingCars.com and for more information on Avelon Formula visit www.AvelonFormula.com.

Contact Information in the U.S.:
Evocativo, LLC. Rob DeBardeleben Email info@Evocativo.com www.Evocativo.com

Contact Information in Italy:
Bellarosa G. Giovanni s.r.l. Ivan Bellarosa Email info@AvelonFormula.com www.WolfRacingCars.com www.AvelonFormula.com

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