Dental Implant Team to Hold Immediate Load Seminar for Fellow Dentists

Dental Implant Team of Drs. Berger and Aires to hold an Immediate Load Seminar for Their Fellow Dentists October 18, 2012

PermaDontics' dental implant team of Dr. Joel S. Berger and Dr. Ian Aires will be conducting an immediate load seminar for their fellow clinicians the evening of October 2012 at their Frost Street location. Registration for the seminar begins at 5:30PM. The seminar runs from 6PM to 9PM. The seminar, titled: The New Era In Implant Dentistry is Immediate Loading, is designed to encourage clinicians to embrace PermaDontics innovative Same Day Teeth dental implant process and to incorporate it into their treatment plans for qualifying patients.

"Our goal at PermaDontics is to provide a treatment resource for our fellow dentists," said Dr. Ian Aires, Prosthodontist and co-founder of PermaDontics. "We want them to know that we are available to assist and work in partnership with them so that their patients can be ensured of excellent continuity of care and the dentists can reap professional and even some financial rewards from this partnership."

During their seminar, The New Era In Implant Dentistry is Immediate Loading, the doctors will be explaining this innovative dental implant program in detail. It's main purpose is to allow clinicians to incorporate immediate load dental implants, the latest treatment option for edentulous patients.

"Our intention is to show how easy it is to do immediate load dental implants using the Same Day Teeth dental implant procedure," said Dr. Joel Berger, oral surgeon and co-founder of PermaDontics. "PermaDontics can be a great partner and resource for San Diego dentists."

For those interested in attending The New Era In Implant Dentistry is Immediate Loading, please contact PermaDontics Office Manager, Karla Svec at: 858-292-5050. (Refreshments will be served to all attendees.)

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