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Dental Danger for Aging Patients - Nursing Home Dental Care Dangers

Dental care in aging adults and residents of nursing homes and assisted living facilites are faced with the challenge of continuing dental care. Lack of dental care in nursing home residents and elderly patients can lead to oral and systemic dangers.

What every aging patient and care provider must know - Dental dangers faced by nursing home residents and aging population

As you age, your teeth become less sensitive to pain from decay and other dental issues. Don't let the absence of pain keep you from getting the care you need - until it's too late to save one or more of your teeth.

As your gums recede and expose the roots of your teeth, a softer tooth surface becomes exposed and is more prone to decay than enamel. It's also common for older patients to experience dry mouth, which increases risk of tooth decay.

Beyond oral dangers, lack of dental care can also cause disease throughout the body or contribute to already present conditions for heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, respiratory infection, osteoporisis, insulin sensitivity and weakened immune system.

Residents of nursing homes, assisted living facilities and skilled nursing facilites face a unique challange of accessing dental care, due to limititations with mobility and transportation availability. In an effort to eliminate these barriers to proper dental care in the aging popualtion, on-site and in home comprehensive dental care is now accessable to nursing home residents, assisted care facility patients and those needing dental care at home.

You can prevent and even reverse the dangers that come with aging teeth with regular dental check ups and preventative care. To schedule a dental check up in your care facility or home call 305-760-2740 or talk to your facility Director of Nursing to schedule regular dental visit from Tooth Fairy Mobile Dental Service.

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