DenadaDenada Ice Ball Molds Now On Sale For Father's Day

Just in time for Father's Day 2014, DenadaDenada Ice Ball Molds are on sale for 70% off retail price.

DenadaDenada Ice Ball Molds, which make a great novelty gift or everyday kitchen tool, went on sale today for Father's Day 2014. A great gift item, DenadaDenada Ice Ball Molds are available at a 70% discount (promo code FATHER70) for a limited time.

The ice ball molds are made of a FDA-approved, BPA-free silicone that is durable and easy to clean. The molds can be used to freeze water, tea, or juice to make a solid sphere that can be used to chill virtually any beverage. DenadaDenada Ice Ball Molds come in a set of two 2.5" round molds.

DenadaDenada Ice Ball Molds, which come with a lifetime guarantee and money-back guarantee, are exclusively available at The ice ball molds have been receiving rave reviews, with nearly one hundred perfect five-star reviews. One recent purchaser said, "My goodness, this is so incredible; I just love them." DenadaDenada Ice Ball Molds are ranked #4 in food preparation equipment on

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