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Delhi School of Business: Top Business School in Delhi

Delhi School of Business has emerged as one of leading business schools in Delhi. If you are looking to study Human Resource Management, Delhi School of Business can provide you with an an ideal platform.

PGDM - HR - Delhi School of Business

Are you looking to specialize in Human Resource Management? At Delhi School of Business (VIPS Technical campus, Pitam Pura), you can specialize in Organization Behaviour & HRM. One of my favourite topics in Human Resource is "Performance-Related Pay (PRP)". It is a very important topic not only for HR professionals, but also for sales & marketing professionals, who aspire to extract exceptional performance from a team. Remember an army does not march empty stomach; likewise teams don't perform without motivation. For more reading on PRP you may visit Wrest Corp's website at http://www.wrestcorp.com/.

In general, Human Resource Management (HRM) is the management of organizations workforce, or human resources for greater efficiency and productivity. HRM involves the attraction, selection, training, assessment, and rewarding of employees, while also overseeing organizational leadership and culture, and ensuring compliance with employment and labour laws.

Careers in Human Resource Management include:

• Compensation and Benefits Management
• Employee Relations Management
• Employees Work/Life Issues Management
• Performance Evaluation and Appraisal Management
• General Human Resources Management
• Recruitment and Induction Management
• Training and Development Management
• Workforce Design and Management

About Delhi School of Business

Delhi School of Business offers the PGDM, A.I.C.T.E. accredited program and stands apart for its dynamic curriculum structure that doesn't just respond to market needs, but predicts them. Keeping pace with ever-changing business world, the School brings both theory and application into classrooms through learner-centric pedagogy and high quality teaching.

DSB brings to bear the students' potential and individual aspirations and in the process trigger the need in each student to define oneself in the rubric of achieving personal mastery, practicing continuous learning and critical thinking and becoming an invaluable member of society.
The Business School was launched after 12 years of research on business management and administration to meet professional skills demand. The global industry network combined with cutting-edge teaching quality, provide our students with the best cross-section of

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