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Deletins Investment Limited: Honduras Welcomes the Investors Back

The latest report of Deletins Investment Limited states that the recent crisis that scared foreign capital holders and unstable political situation stepped back.

In the past the political instability and crisis effects pulled the prices for real estate down. This was the wrong for those who wanted to sell the property on the territory of Honduras. Since year 2010 the Island of Roatan and the overall market of Honduras with its picturesque views and magnificent beaches started recovering. By the end of 2011 the political situation also became stable and the local government removed all limitations for property acquisition for foreign customers. This decision resulted in slow but steady process of investors coming back to the market. Individuals who wanted to acquire land or real estate unit but decided not to do that under unstable market conditions now can finally buy the unit they wanted. Right now the prices for villas and houses are at the point of 40% from its top prices in 2008. The situation is gradually changes and the prices also start growing.

The major part of the customers are interested in real estate within the price range of $150 000 - $250 000. Within this range the interested parties can find a house with 3 bedrooms or an apartment in condominium on the very beach of the ocean.

Deletins Investment Limited which also reviewed the possibility to enter the market of Honduras in 2009 decided to use the second chance and now behaves very actively investing in various promising units in resort zones and attractive locations. The analysts of this Cyprus investors have finished and delivered the list of promising property to its clients and now acquire the most perspective units. The representative of local department stated that certain objects would be purchase for the purposes of letting on lease.

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