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DEL Ozone Presents Solar Eclipse At The Northeastern Pool & Spa Show In Atlantic City

DEL Ozone, the market and technology leader for residential pool and spa sanitation, will demonstrate the Solar Eclipse Advanced Oxidation Process residential pool sanitation system at the Atlantic City Pool & Spa Show on January 28-31.

DEL Ozone will demonstrate and discuss the Solar Eclipse, an Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) system at the Northeastern Pool & Spa Show in Atlantic City on January 28 - 31. Beth Hamil, DEL Ozone's Vice President of Corporate Compliance, will deliver a Technical Session presentation on Ozone and Germicidal UV: A Synergistic Sanitation Approach at 2:15 p.m. on January 28th.

The Solar Eclipse is small, efficient and designed for compatibility with standard residential pool mechanical and plumbing equipment. It will provide the highest disinfection potential of any agent or process currently available for residential pools. Deliveries of this technologically innovative residential pool sanitation system will begin spring 2013.

AOP systems are characterized by the generation of hydroxyl free radicals (•OH), the most powerful oxidizer available that is safe for human water quality applications. AOP systems oxidize organic and inorganic contaminants in treated water, ending with the complete breakdown of the contaminants.

The Solar Eclipse uses the DEL Ozone Advanced Plasma Gap (patent pending) ozone generator coupled with germicidal UV lamps supplied by Trident Ultraviolet Corporation to create an AOP system that can be installed in new or existing residential pools using a 240 volt circuit. The installation and operation of the Solar Eclipse will be familiar to pool builders and maintenance professionals who have installed ozone systems.

Jeff Jones, DEL's National Director of Residential Pool Sales, says "The Solar Eclipse is the most effective pool disinfection system I have ever seen, and following a simple installation process, it works automatically to sanitize pool water with almost no chlorine."

The Solar Eclipse pool sanitation system uses advanced technology to simplify the water quality programs of ordinary residential pool owners.

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