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DEL Ozone Appoints New Commercial Aquatics Leaders

DEL Ozone has upgraded its commercial aquatics leadership with the addition of John Grillo, VP of Sales, and Jeff Jones, North American Director of Residential Pool Sales, to represent DEL's leading technologies for secondary disinfection.

DEL Ozone announces the appointment of John Grillo, VP of Sales, and Jeff Jones, North American Director of Residential Pool Sales, to represent DEL commercial aquatic sanitation systems for commercial pools, waterparks, and aquatic venues. These appointments represent DEL's expanding commitment to serving the commercial aquatics market following the recommendation of ozone for secondary disinfection in the draft of the Centers for Disease Control's Model Aquatic Health Code (MAHC).

DEL Ozone developed the first NSF-listed ozone sanitation systems for commercial pools in 1986. In continuous development since, DEL systems have evolved to supply the most advanced sanitation solution available for commercial aquatic venues. All DEL systems meet or exceed the technical and health safety standards of the emerging MAHC. DEL Ozone now offers these advanced systems as part of the DEL Aquatics Ozone Sanitation Program.

John Grillo brings leadership to commercial aquatics from his experience as the key development officer for the unique DEL Clean Ozone Laundry Program. For the first time with the DEL Clean program, on premise laundry operators have been able to implement cost effective ozone laundry operations with minimal risk. Grillo says:

"I am eager to bring the advantages of our integrated program approach to the commercial aquatics market. DEL Ozone technology is superior, but by packaging it with our comprehensive design, installation and commissioning services, customers achieve the highest possible values for their investments."

Jeff Jones has led DEL Ozone in serving the residential pools market. He has worked with pool manufacturers, pool supply outlets, and pool designer/builders to create optimal ozone applications for residential pools of every type. Jones comments that:

"We have seen the value of ozone sanitation in residential pools for its ability to deliver clean water with a low chemical profile, but this is even more critical in commercial pools. CD ozone is the most effective option for knocking out those chlorine-resistant bugs like crypto without creating hazardous byproducts like chloramines."

Grillo and Jones are working on commercial aquatics effective immediately. Contact John Grillo at and Jeff Jones at

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