DefinedEfforts Offering Free Intel Collection Service Trial To Businesses

Businesses are able to evaluate important online conversations regarding issues important to them.

DefinedEfforts, a Dallas-based business intelligence and analysis company, is now offering a free Intel Collection trial to businesses. This free trial offer allows business to try out this cutting edge service to track and analyze:

- Competitors' websites
- Market trends
- Potential customers
- Major announcements
- Product / Service reviews
- Complaint sites
- Key executives
- Website links

"By allowing companies to try this service for free without any obligation they'll be able to gather valuable intelligence on their competitors, potential and current customers, and the marketplace", said Manuel Valles Tellez, Managing Director, of DefinedEfforts.

This service is available to companies of all sizes and regardless of industry. This will allow companies to gather the necessary business intelligence to make smart business decisions. In addition, this further levels the playing field for small and medium size companies to compete against competitors much large in size.

This is done through innovative and technology-based services that are analyzed to help executives determine whether their business decisions are working to grow their company. DefinedEfforts is a company that is looking to level the playing field for businesses by giving them the ability to make smart business decisions. This free trial service is available to businesses across the U.S.

About DefinedEfforts
Based in Dallas, TX, DefinedEfforts is a business intelligence and analysis firm that services small and medium size businesses across the U.S. The services of DefinedEfforts help companies gather and interpret intelligence that can help them formulate smart growth strategies, positioning within their marketplace, and a competitive advantage. To learn more, please visit

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