Deborah Dolen Wins The Triple Crown of Best Sellers on Amazon

Deborah Dolen, author of DIY and self help books hit Amazon's Bestseller books list with three different books in the first quarter of 2012. No author in the Kindle program has ever hit three bestsellers within a 30 day period.

Prolific author Deborah Dolen signed with Amazon Kindle program in 2012 to sell her DIY films and books. By Christmas 2012 she was enrolled in Amazon's Prime Membership Program. In the following three months, three books hit Amazon's bestseller list. It's not a common practice that more books of the same author make such success within such short period of the time and even Ms. Dolen herself didn't hide surprise: "I honestly did not know until way after the fact. I was hoping maybe by Christmas 2012 to have one book make Amazons most sought after list." Independent of this success and not counted in her book sales, author Deborah Dolen became respective member of Amazon's Prime Member program that allows each member to get in hold of particular book for unlimited time period, without being charged a fee.

Is it any wonder some of the hard print books written by Deborah Dolen are selling as collectors items on the Amazon platform? Price of some of her books sky rockets up to $334.93, while there is one worth $999. These books are unsigned and author generates no revenues from those sales. Ms. Dolen has stated books are in the hands of harvesters and collectors. "It does help me though when I sign and donate books to causes such as charitable auctions. At that time the value helps me to help others," says the author.

The most favored book by the author herself is The Beekeepers Digest. Special bond between Ms. Dolen and the bees has resulted in writing this achievement. In fact, Deborah Dolen stated that her relationship with bees goes so deep she is proud to carry the name which, translated in Hebrew, means - the bee. Great news for the fans of Hand Writing Analysis is that the sequel of this achievement is already being planned as Ms. Dolen stated how she particularly enjoyed writing the first part. This is not the only delicacy served by Deborah Dolen, who simply doesn't seem to get enough of it, but she is also planning to turn to fiction writing. Just like she has said - good fiction writing takes a lot of previous non-fiction experience. Frankly, Deborah Dolen is not among ones to worry about the experience part. With three Amazon Bestseller titles won, great success in fiction writing is just around the corner.

Those who are struggling to make very first steps in the world of writing, Deborah Dolen's Amazon success can serve as a model to follow. She advises aspiring authors to join great support groups like and Great support groups, such as these ones, can make a great stepping stone through the seminars they manage and overall support to the writer they offer. From the other side, these groups, and many others alike, often have strong publishers and book agents watching their back. Ms. Dolen recommends obtaining the Kindle, because of easy access to written content, this tablet offers.

Deborah Dolen lives in the Palma Sola area of Bradenton, Florida. She shares her living space with her Golden Retriever Katrina rescue dog named Ringo.

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