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Day Translations: When Customer Service Is a Priority

Day Translations, a translations, interpretations and transcriptions company, has made of offering a top-notch customer service one of its top priorities.

Customer service is defined as the process of ensuring the satisfaction of customers with a company's service or product. Customer service takes many forms. It can take place while transaction with a customer is going on. It can happen during conversation with a customer over the phone, during a person-to-person interaction or during an exchange of emails.

Customer service is highly important to any business. It helps maintain client relationships, continuing company revenue and building brand loyalty. It is such a vital part of any service organization's business process that compels companies to work hard in order to increase the satisfaction levels of their customers. The customer service department is usually not overly staffed, but the people behind the customer service group are a specialized group, highly trained in the art of positively interacting with customers, for they are the team that helps create the perception customers have of a company in its entirety. Even if companies provide the same type of services, it's the customer service that will make the difference.

Knowing this is essential and each and every employee of Day Translations makes his best to be on top of every customer's requirements. From project managers that find the most appropriate translator or interpreter for the job that needs to be done to translators who do their research so that the translated work is accurate and has a natural flow on the target language to the web developers and SEO team who work hard to offer a friendly and valuable online experience, every single task has a huge impact on the way clients feel they are treated and considered in Day Translations.

Things to remember about customer service

Customer service is part of marketing. The first greeting exchanged between the customer and the service staff creates a lasting impression. It can be a greeting via email or on the phone. If the customer is not satisfied, chances are there will be no repeat business. Good people skills will go a long way in creating a good first impression. It will make the customer feel welcome.

Customer service goes beyond the first contact. It includes providing the customer with the right product or service, providing the right answers to questions and generally providing them the right kind of assistance the customer needs. It is understanding what the client wants, what types of services and products are available, and the right solution for the client's needs. Creating goodwill is a step in the right direction to have repeat business and create a network of loyal clients.

Customer service means having a human to answer the phone, not leaving it to an answering machine with pre-recorded message. It is about having a warm human voice greeting a customer pleasantly and giving the impression that the person on the line is very important and highly valued and the service staff is ready to provide the answer to the questions they have.

Customer service in the translation industry

The translation business, although a specialized one, is still just like any other business, and as such requires very good customer service, for it deals with different types of people of different nationalities who are located in different parts of the world. A translation company is more conscious of the full description of customer service, which encompasses providing service to clients before, during and after the completion of the translation work. It is very much concerned with customer satisfaction because this is a major key in the success of the company. Each member of a translation company, not only the customer service department, should be fully committed to ensuring that the client is fully satisfied with the final translation.

Day Translations, Inc. is a full service translation and interpretation company with offices in key cities all over the United States. It also maintains offices in major cities in several countries. It is fully committed to providing the best translation service to each and every client, whether they have large or small projects. The company's customer service department is available any time of the day, every day of the week. Linguists are available to take your call, enabling you to talk in your own language. If you require a translation quote, you are ensured that you will have it within ten minutes of receiving your request.

You can get in touch with Day Translations via its toll free number at 1-800-969-6853, through live chat at or via email at

Day Translations offers fast turn-around times, express document delivery via FedEx and high-quality, 100 % accurate and professional translation services each and every time. All translations done by Day Translations are backed by a lifetime company guarantee for as long as you use the translation.

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