Davpack Takes the Lead with Next-day Cardboard Boxes

Davpack adds even more cardboard box sizes to stock list

As more and more items are bought over the internet and delivered via the Royal Mail or courier companies, so more and more cardboard boxes are required to package up those millions of different products, which literally come in all shapes and sizes.

Mail order companies need to react quickly to customer orders, while at the same time keeping their - and hence their customers' - costs at a minimum, by avoiding excessive packaging and unnecessary postal charges.

Derby packaging suppliers Davpack have been helping thousands of British businesses do just that for years. At the forefront of their strategy has been the rapid availability of what is now probably the biggest range of in-stock cardboard boxes in the UK.

In recent weeks, Davpack has again increased the number of boxes available for possible next working day delivery, taking the number of sizes published in its latest packaging catalogue to over 335 single wall boxes and over 280 double wall cardboard boxes. And that's not taking into account white boxes, or the hundreds of different sizes and styles in Davpack's range of postal boxes. Or boxes with separate lids.

In fact, take all the cardboard boxes available to order for same working day dispatch on Davpack's website and the total gets well into the thousands. Managing Director Barney Byfield explained why this policy has been at the forefront of the company's strategy over the last few years.

"Having such a wide range of options gives Davpack customers a much better chance of finding one that's just right for their particular product. That avoids the need for excessive and possibly costly void fill, means the contents are better protected in transit and helps our customers stay within the Royal Mail's pricing bands.

"Having that breadth of choice on the shelf, ready for immediate dispatch and with no minimum order requirement, gives our customers more control over the way they operate their stock levels and respond to their own orders. In today's highly competitive market, that extra flexibility can be a real bonus.

"Finally, using the smallest box possible for a product has environmental benefits as well. Cardboard boxes are probably the most environmentally friendly packaging products around, as they're made from at least 75% recycled material and are 100% recyclable and degradable. But if we all use cartons that are far bigger than necessary, they each take up more of the space in our delivery vans, which in turn means more vans are needed on the road, producing more greenhouse gases."

You can see Davpack's full range of cardboard boxes by clicking here. Otherwise, for more information, please call Davpack's Customer team on 01332 821200,

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