Dave Edwards Speaks For Reform At South Carolina Constitution Convention

Congressional candidate Dave Edwards calls on convention to refocus on personal responsibility, limited government, and a spirit of independence.

Greenville, SC (Saturday, May 15, 2010) - The Constitution Party held its state convention today at the Embassy Suites on Verdae Boulevard. Among the attendees were eight candidates running for local, state and federal offices, including U.S. Congressional candidate Dave Edwards.

Dave Edwards (www.daveedwards4congress.com) has been nominated to represent the Constitution Party in the upcoming fourth congressional district race for the US House of Representatives. This seat is currently held by Bob Inglis (R). Dave's position on November's ballot has been guaranteed and is positioned as giving voters the opportunity for a Constitutional and conservative representative.

Dr. Thomas Kendall introduced Dave to this morning's convention audience. In his address, Dave emphasized the need for representatives who place heavy consideration on the nation's founding ideas of the Constitution when developing and voting on legislation.

Dave also proposed that there are two main visions for America today. One, he noted, is unconstitutional and wrong-consisting of the Wall Street bailouts by Republicans, auto industry bailout, proposed cap and trade legislation by Democrats, Inglis's proposal for carbon taxes, and universal health care among many other examples.

The opposing vision, he mentions, is for Constitutional liberties to be protected and advanced - to resist dependency on the federal government in favor or initiative, personal responsibility, liberty, and a spirit of independence. Dave noted that foundation for this limited government must be restored by individuals first "learning the names and needs of people around them." He also stated that ordinary citizens acting out of duty to God and their fellow man will accomplish much more than politicians who act only out of duty to their reelection.

Dave concluded by encouraging attendees to continue the fight for Constitutional liberty with the confidence of the country's past. "America's founding and traditions may have been rejected by her current leaders, but not by her people."

Dave Edwards is currently running for the US House of Representatives-SC District 4. You may learn more at www.daveedwards4congress.com.


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