Dave Edwards Offers Answers To Congressional District 4 Voters

Congressional candidate Dave Edwards offers a productive way for voters to channel their frustrations and advocate a leaner, Constitutional government.

Greenville, SC (Tuesday, June 15, 2010) - District 4 Congressional candidate Dave Edwards addressed key questions Monday night at a meeting of the Greenville Tea Party.

Among the topics was a legitimate question: "Is a vote for a third party candidate a vote for a liberal Democrat?" Dave Edwards noted that this may sometimes be the case, but not in South Carolina's fourth district. Based on last mid-term elections, Dave said third party votes "won't swell the ranks of liberal Democrats." He added that by splitting the conservative vote in two, the Democrats essentially take third place." He concluded that the Tea Party and other third party groups are safe to challenge a Republican candidate who does not champion Constitutional and conservative values as aggressively as the people he represents.

Dave also addressed meeting attendees about whether they "wanted to send a message to Washington" to return the government to the people and to Constitutional ideas? As Dave mentioned, the success of his campaign serves a big notice for change to Washington and would help bind the Republican Party to the will of the people. It offers South Carolinians a productive way to focus their frustrations and choose a leaner, Constitutional government.

Also in attendance at the meeting was candidate for Attorney General Alan Wilson.

Dave Edwards is currently running against incumbent Bob Inglis (R) for the US House of Representatives-SC District 4. Dave's position on November's ballot has been guaranteed and he is positioned to give voters the opportunity for a Constitutional and conservative representative. You may learn more at www.daveedwards4congress.com.


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