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Data Edge Offers Best Cloud Backup Service in US

Major Kansas data backup firm Data Edge guarantees best enterprise class managed cloud data backup -restore with premium encryption security and customized approach, for any industry in US

The American online entrepreneurs in need of solid data backup seem to have a credible aide- Leading server backup Kansas City company, Data Edge, has guaranteed to offer the best possible cloud backup service across US.

The company also caters to Canada & Puerto Rico.

A seasoned name in the data backup sector, Data Edge has been in business since 1999. The company started offering cloud backup Kansas City 4 years after, from 2003.

"It's our Enterprise minded cloud backup that renders a unique winning edge to our remote backup Kansas City service. You will hardly find any server backup company around with Enterprise minded solutions", remarked a major technician from Data Edge.

"We can fathom that data loss would impose severe issues in your business. Therefore, we strive to ensure that your data is available to you always. We treat & guard client's data as our own - and in case of any outage we replicate it immediately to some safe secondary site. We continuously run data scrubbers & integrity checkers to assure complete product support for your entire data environ."

For over a decade Data Edge has been providing Enterprise cloud backup & restore Kansas City service to a diverse spread of industries- such as legal, medical, accounting, travel, education, transport, etc.

"We can be your absolute backup answer, regardless of your data size, be it 200 GB or more than 50 TB", noted the Data Edge manager. He further mentioned completely managed cloud backup service. "In case your backup system has encountered an issue, we would immediately inform you with elaborate reports. Moreover, our seasoned technicians are always monitoring backup status of every client data. We would even offer you web pages which would permit you easy monitoring on all your systems at no charge."

Data Edge only charges on data quantity and there is no fee for restores, backup software, software upgrades, bandwidth & initial backups.

"We always believe in a customized service as we understand that every business has its own respective needs and specifications. Thus we always proceed with a thorough discussion with every client so that we can devise a perfect bespoke service for them. Our company works with a great roster of premier vendors as we know that not one typical vendor could be compatible for all clients", shared the sales official from Data Edge.

The media personnel mentioned their inclination towards AES 256 top notch encryption facility for secured data transfer.

About Data Edge- Data Edge is a seasoned data backup company offering Enterprise class premium cloud data backup & restore service across US, Canada & Puerto Rico.

For more, visit http://www.Dataedge.com.


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