Daniel Radcliffe's Addiction To Smoking Has Taken A Turn For The Worse; Should He Change His Name To Harry Puffer?

Daniel Radcliffe A.K.A "Harry Puffer" given to him by his friends because he smokes over 20 cigarettes a day. His smoking habit has become such a problem that he can't wait until the director calls "cut" to get a smoke.

Cigarette Smokers, like Daniel Radcliffe are well aware of the risks when it comes to smoking tobacco cigarettes. But it seems Daniel Radcliffe is not taking any interest into these warnings his friends and family are telling him about his terrible smoking habit.

Cigarette smoking damages the smokers lungs but the second hand smoke is even more deadlier to people who start smoking at a younger age. Radcliffe started smoking at the ripe age of 18 and since then his smoking habit has taken a turn for the worse. For this reason, Radcliffe has been given the nickname of Harry Puffer.

Scientists are finding out that the toxic chemicals and carcinogens that are found in tobacco cigarettes are doing considerable damage to their internal organs most commonly their lungs and heart. This study proves that all smokers, need to quit smoking or find a safer alternative before it is too late.

The director of relations of Solar Cigarette has reached out to Daniel Radcliffe in an attempt to offer a healthier alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes with the use of their 2nd generation smokeless cigarettes.

Over 90% of smokers try to quit smoking but end up picking up the habit again because the nicotine cravings are so overwhelming. People who start smoking at a younger age, like Daniel Radcliffe, have an even more difficult time trying to give up the habit for good.

These smokeless cigarettes give smokers the same feeling of smoking real tobacco cigarettes but without all of the deadly tar and carcinogens that have been linked to second hand smoke and other lung diseases. These smokeless cigarettes are also helping other celebrity smokers lose weight after they have stop smoking by the use of the patent pending vitamin and mineral packs.

These vitamin packs supply the smoker with the vitamins that have been stolen from their body when they have been smoking tobacco cigarettes and replaces the vitamins the body needs to give them more energy throughout their daily activities.

The Solar Cigarette smokeless cigarettes are very beneficial to smokers not only to improve their way of life and prevent weight gain, but also to help anyone who has smoked cigarettes in the past and limit their risks of being diagnosed with heart and lung disease in their future.

Read the Story Below on Daniel Radcliffe's Heavy Cigarette Habit Is Turning Some Heads=======

"Daniel Radcliffe sure has grown up, from playing young Harry Potter to posing nude onstage in Equus and now - kicking up his smoking habit to a pack a day! According to a report in The Sun, Daniel, 18, has been lighting up like a chimney on the set of his new film."

"The ciggie-loving celebrity has been spending late nights out with pals Kevin Spacey and Steven Fry and reportedly has picked up some late-night party habits."

"The star is reportedly "rushing to light up whenever the director yells 'Cut,'" and Harry's friends are worried about his health as he is smoking "up to 20 cigarettes a day," - they've even dubbed him "Harry Puffer."

"A source tells The Sun, "Friends and co-stars, including Rupert Grint (aka Ron Weasley), have been warning him about the dangers of smoking. But he doesn't take any notice."

Read the full report at: Daniel Radcliffe's Cigarette Habit Makes Him Harry Puffer?


The head of Solar Cigarette has put together a 14 day trial package for smokers are serious about quitting smoking for good and also help them keep the weight off after they have quit smoking with their patent pending vitamin packs which provides smokers with vitamins and minerals to promote health and wellness while they are smoking these smokeless cigarettes.

The 2nd generation smokeless cigarettes are now available to the public who would like improve their way of life without having to be tied down to tobacco cigarettes and the expensive taxes to obtain them.

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