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DangerousGuitar.com Offers Online Guitar Lessons Designed to Suit Student's Schedules and Learning Pace

Backed by top guitar artists as instructors, Dangerous Guitar is an online learning site for individuals seeking to take guitar lessons that match their schedules and learning capability.

Anyone interested in learning to play the guitar will want to grab every opportunity to study the instrument and learn how to play it. By taking guitar lessons with an instructor, guitar enthusiasts are able to build the right foundation and take the crucial step to mastering vital skills and techniques. For beginners and savvy guitar players alike, taking lessons is always a good idea.

The common problem with taking guitar lessons is scheduling. For people with calendars nearly completely filled, it can be difficult to religiously follow guitar schooling schedules - which is a must for anyone wanting to master their favorite instrument and express their passion for music.

Dangerous Guitar is dedicated to offering online guitar lessons and courses for all ages and levels. Now with a membership base of 80,000 students and counting, the online guitar school provides the answer for people who practically do not have the luxury of time for standard guitar schooling hours.

Catering to electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and bass guitar enthusiasts, DangerousGuitar.com covers all genres of music such as blues, rock, metal, Spanish, classical and country. The website lets students learn how to play guitar at their own time with top professional musicians. Notably, the online guitar school allows individuals to can work at their own pace.

DangerousGuitar.com offers unlimited access to over 650 high quality, professional video lessons by top artists and instructors with new lessons added weekly. The website offers jam tracks professionally recorded for students to play along with and work on their rhythm and lead guitar skills.

At DangerousGuitar.com, the online lessons are taught by over 30 of the top artists and instructors in the industry. George Lynch, Damon Johnson, Brother Cane. Lance Lopez, Bugs Henderson, and Grammy Award Winner Greg Martin, Redd Volkaert, Jack Pearson, Allman Brothers, Doug Stouffer, Mark Akin, Tallan Noble Latz, Neil Swanson, Chris Carrington and Sam Swank are just a few of the names in the elite list of DangerousGuitar.com instructors.

In addition to instruction, DangerousGuitar.com offers discussion about the latest in gear and advances in instrument technology, as well as insights into some of the greatest minds in the guitar world today.

To find out more about online guitar lessons that suit a student's schedule and learning pace, please visit http://dangerousguitar.com for information.

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