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Dan Davies Signs on as Producer and Co-star of Sand Trap, a Film Co-created with Special Needs Athlete, Jacob Price

West of Thunder Producer/Actor Dan Davies signs on as producer and co-star of the film Sand Trap. Indiegogo.com fundraising to begin mid-July.

Actor/Writer/Producer Dan Davies, whose feature film West of Thunder won top honors with Django Unchained at the Almeria Western Film Festival, has joined the producer team of the film Sand Trap. Sand Trap is the collaboration of Special Olympic athlete, Jacob Price and Actor/Director, John J Vogel. Fundraising for the film through IndieGoGo.com and private investors is scheduled to kick off in July 2014. Dan will also be co-starring in the movie.

Sand Trap is the story of a troubled pro golfer, Kenny Monahue, who gets suspended from the tour for fighting. Unable to find a job to support himself while awaiting his suspension hearing, his brother (who works for the PGA), helps Kenny land a job at a local country club working on the grounds crew where he is partnered with Eric Beemer, a man with special needs. With Eric's help, Kenny relearns the game of golf and the game of life from the ground up.

Dan Davies and John J Vogel met while co-starring in the feature film, Tempting Fate. Dan played the role of Scorpian, a leader of a robbery gang, and John played Detective Travis, the lead detective who is hunting down the group of criminals. Tempting Fate stars international movie star, Ramsey Nouah which was written and directed by Nigerian filmmaker, Kevin Nkem Nwankwor. Tempting Fate makes it's United States premier in Houston, Texas on 4 July 2014.

John said, "On the set of Tempting Fate, Dan and I had an immediate connection. We were talking about other projects we were both involved in and when I told him about Sand Trap, his ears immediately picked up because his step-brother, Travis, is mentally challenged. After talking and reading the script, Dan said he wanted to be involved in any way possible. After seeing his work on the set of Tempting Fate, as well as West of Thunder, and his incredible attitude about the abilities of people with special needs, it only made sense that he should be part of the team."

Dan said, "The story of Jacob Price's character in Sand Trap is not only ultimately uplifting but also underscores the fact that people with special needs almost intuitively know that while there are many things they are not able to do there are also certain and equally important things that they can do. I see this in my step-brother Travis, whose challenges are numerous. However, he has taught me that his life is full, not in spite of his limitations, but because of the specific things he can do in a great fashion. He has a wonderful and highly astute sense of humor, he has a thoughtful heart and he is always there to lend a hand. For him and scores of other people with Autism, Down Syndrome or special needs, it's what they are able to do with their positive and contagious can-do attitudes that enrich their lives and the people around them. I feel that Sand Trap will not only be incredibly entertaining but will showcase the fact that all people have an innate and powerful worth. In the words of my brother Travis...God don't make junk!

Jacob Price said, "Dan Davies working with us is very exciting. Having grown up with a brother like Travis gives him an understanding into the world of people like me with special needs. That can only help our film from start to finish."

Fundraising for Sand Trap will begin later in July on Indiegogo.com

Jacob Price has been participating as an athlete in Special Olympics where he has won 22 medals. John J Vogel is an award winning actor and director who has volunteered with Special Olympics for over a decade. Dan Davies' film West of Thunder won the Political Film Society's Human Rights and Peace awards.

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