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DailyEmbroidery Introduces Free Embroidery Designs Included with New Gold Memberships

DailyEmbroidery.com, sponsored by BlastoStitch.com, is pleased to introduce its new Gold Membership which includes free embroidery designs, access to archives and additional discounts to BlastoStitch products.

Daily Embroidery is a Chicago based company specializing in the digitizing and design of high quality, unique and stylish machine embroidery and applique files for use in home and commercial embroidery machines. With over 10,000 web visitors a day Daily embroidery thought they would try their hand at a new way of selling, offering a Gold Membership.

The announcement of Daily Embroidery's Gold Membership program has been greeted with much enthusiasm. This program is something not seen a lot in the machine embroidery world. It is a monthly subscription to their website, DailyEmbroidery.com. For 14.99 a month, the price for machine embroidery designs, Gold Members gain instant access to their huge archive of design files, two new designs released daily for a total of 60 a month, as well as 50% off of all purchases at BlastoStitch.com. All of the designs are available for instant download and come in at least five different sizes.

Digitizing and illustrating is second nature to daily embroidery's design team. Their diverse and unique styling has helped them grow into the company they are and their products showcase this diversity. Patricia, owner of Daily Embroidery says, "There is something for everyone here, from new moms embellishing cloth diapers to the fashionista hipster adding a bit of personal flare to their stylings, we are here to inspire."

In 2010 Patricia started BlastoStitch.com. The same quality designs are sold individually where nothing is ever priced over $2.99. Patricia states "We started Blasto Stitch to offer quality designs but remain extremely affordable. We want promote creativity and give people an opportunity to supplement their income by selling their embellished items."

Since buying her first embroidery machine in 2009, Patricia has been extremely excited. Already loving all things handcrafted this opened a whole new world for her. She loves sharing her ideas and creative inspiration and is also keen on customer service. "This business is like a dream come true! I get to not only promote a creative lifestyle but offer guidance and support to those struggling with getting started or with the rapid change in technology. I'm always here to answer questions."

New to the world of machine embroidery, applique and sewing? Daily Embroidery offers free tutorials on both basic ideas of embroidery and more complicated DIY projects. Also, be sure to sign up for Daily Embroidery's mailing list to get a peek at the two daily designs and special promotions and discount coupon codes.

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