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Daily Show "Movie Talk" Wins IAWTV Award

"Movie Talk," produced for AMC Theaters, wins a 2014 The International Academy of Web Television Award. The daily show brings viewers the latest movie news and generates over 3 million views a month on YouTube. and sister channel are off to a powerful start in 2014. The daily show they produce for AMC Theaters, Movie Talk, just won the IAWTV award for "Best News" series.

AMC Movie Talk brings online viewers the latest movie news from Editor-In-Chief John Campea and a rotating panel of film experts including Associate Editor Amirose Eisenbach, Production Manager Dennis Tzeng, Writer/Director Jon Schnepp, correspondent Erin Darling and hosts Krisily Kennedy and Ashley Mova. The show generates over 3 million views a month on YouTube and AMC's Social Media Manager, Justin Gardner, credits's studios for helping solidify the IAWTV win. "The combination of John Campea's vision and's production value makes the award-winning AMC Movie Talk a must watch for tens of thousands on a daily basis," said Gardner. "We couldn't be happier with the win and we can't wait to reveal what we have in store next."

Conveniently located in Hollywood, studio is a facility built for "new media". They are vocal about being powered by the genius of Newtek's magical Tricaster 860, which turns technology into the partner of creativity. (If you haven't seen the film "Tim's Vermeer" you must!) Thanks to Newtek and Belair Internet, the studio is a LIVE specialist. With their 4000 square-foot home, brick walls and glitter curtain, 20-foot green screen and signature BIG digital screens, eight HD cameras, Presonus board, and most of all, their staff of wizards dedicated to accomplishing the impossible . . . offers creative people an alternative by providing high quality content at an efficient cost with an efficient process. With thousands of hours of experience, they have hosted everyone from Angelina Jolie to Rob Zombie to Dun & Bradstreet to Social Media Week . . . the list goes on. They have been home to panels, parties, press events and of course, lots of web series which have enjoyed numerous nominations and awards. Studio is also home to Pensado's Place, the show that Forbes magazine said is the most popular Youtube series for audio enthusiasts. Last year studio hosted the live tweet party for Syfy's HAVEN, and Thursday at 11 PM ET, they'll host the live tweet party for KING OF THE NERDS, the popular TBS show. They have a new relationship in place with leading video-sharing platform Dailymotion, producing The Gootecks and Mike Ross show (from the Cross Counter champions of the same name) for them as well as the upcoming Dread Central LIVE.

The effort of former Paramount executive Susan Wrenn and indie film producer Lorna Paul, programs on and are distributed by Dailymotion and, with Youtube efforts managed by Fullscreen. Both brands also enjoy "live" status on Youtube and Dailymotion. Patterned after Viacom, represents "the MTV arm" and more the "CBS arm", with many programs enjoying distribution and promotion on both. Both channels intend to cover film, comedy, sports, health, wealth and anything else people are passionate about creating . . . high production quality and talent are the only qualifiers. Wrenn and Paul refer to the place as "the sandbox", so who knows what castles will be built at this creative incubator. They're off to a powerful start.


Susan Wrenn
Studio: (310) 424-5197

Lorna Paul
Studio: (310) 424-5197

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